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Total Eclipse of the Sun


Excitement is buzzing as we approve the first total eclipse of the sun to occur in our lifetime. Many school districts are preparing for the day by either delaying dismissal so that students can participate in learning opportunities with their teachers or dismissing early so that children can share in this momentous occasion with their parents.

Personally I will be pulling my children from school early on that day so that we can watch the events unfold as a family. I made this decision because my children are 3 and 6 years old and their respective schools have decided not to allow young children their ages to view the events directly. Their schools will however be showing the events as they unfold on TV with a live broadcast by NASA . While I understand the reasoning behind this decision (managing eye safety for large groups of little kids) I believe that I can manage my two well enough to make sure they keep their protective glasses on.

If you decide to view the eclipse at home or away from school you MUST WEAR SAFETY GLASSES. This is not regular sunglasses but special welders grade glasses designed for protecting the eye when looking directly at the sun. You can cause yourself permanent eye damage if you are not extremely careful and diligent about your safety glasses. When buying eclipse glasses make sure that you purchase your eye glasses from the list of NASA Approved Vendors.

Here are a few fun things that have been shared with me. They include an Eclipse Info PowerPoint from Cobb county Schools,  SolarEclipse2017MemoryPages to help your child commemorate the event, and Solar Eclipse STEM and STEAM Challenges that you can do together. I’ve also found on the NASA website a simulator that will show you how dark or how total the eclipse will appear from your viewing location. There is just so much information, things to see, and activities to do available on NASA’s Eclipse 2017 website. You simply must visit!

**Update** If your family loves music the way mine does then you will appreciate this! An Eclipse Playlist that you can listen to while you watch it all unfold!



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