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Bubble Wrap Sight Word Game


My daughter is entering kindergarten this year so I am, as a parent, actively compiling strategies to help her acquire kindergarten skills. I came across this one in a Facebook group that I am a member of and thought it looked like fun.


  • Purchase a roll of bubble wrap. Be sure that you get the one with the large bubbles.
  • Cut off a large square as in the picture above.
  • On the flat side of the bubble wrap write a word from your child’s list on each circle using a marker.
  • Be sure the words are easy to read. You could also use circle sticker labels if you choose.
  • Write the words in random order so that your child doesn’t learn to predict what word is coming next.


  • Staring from the top have your child read the words in order.
  • If he/she reads the word correctly allow him/her to pop that bubble.
  • If he/she does not read the word correctly, pauses longer than 3 seconds,  or says they don’t know the word then you should say the word from them and have them repeat it back to you. Do not allow them to pop that bubble.
  • Proceed to the end of the sheet of wrap.
  • Once you’ve gone through the entire sheet of wrap go back to the top and give your child a chance to read/pop the words they missed during the first run through.
  • Continue in this manner until your child is able to pop all the words on that sheet.

Variations: This activity can be done for a variety of skills including colors, shapes, letter/ number identification, and basic math facts. See pictures below. The mixed up grid in the bottom right picture is a more cognitively advanced skill because it requires what’s called executive functioning. It is a good idea to try this once your child has shown some mastery of each individual item set. Having an ability to shift your mind between item sets like that can lead to higher IQ and better attention to detail. Children with ADHD may make more errors on these types of activities but it is great practice for them!


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